Mohammed Harris
Prevnos Chairman, CEO and Founder

Mohammed envisioned Prevnos with the mission to set precedence for preventive healthcare on a global scale. He is an advocate for preventive diagnostics involving early detection and active surveillance to prevent the most dramatic courses of diseases prior to onset. Most diseases can be effectively treated if diagnosed at an early stage. He believes that a shift towards preventive healthcare will significantly reduce morbidity and mortality rates while drastically decreasing the overall economic health burdens.

Mohammed graduated from Rutgers University (BA), Johns Hopkins University (MS), and the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey (MBS) with backgrounds in molecular biology, biotechnology, and microbiology and molecular genetics, respectively. He is the recipient of 10+ certificates with distinction in the fields of Global Health, Genomic and Precision Medicine, Ethical and Social Challenges in Medicine, Healthcare Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Community Changes in Public Health, Epigenetic Control of Gene Expression, Systems Biology and Subsistence Marketplaces from various institutions including Johns Hopkins University, Duke University, Mount Sinai School of Medicine, University of California-SF, University of Illinois-UC, University of Maryland-CP, University of Melbourne, and University of Copenhagen. After leaving the doctoral program at the prestigious UMDNJ Public Health Research Institute, he worked for large health diagnostic companies including Reproductive Medicine Associates, BioReference Laboratories, Plus Diagnostics, and CymoGenDx. Mohammed desires to better understand the diagnostic marketplace within the American healthcare infrastructure while exploring preventive diagnostics’ guidelines on a global scale.

He left the corporate world to build Prevnos around his patents and belief that access to simplified preventive diagnostics is imperative to maximize public and economic health benefits. He has led the company from conceptualization to fruition, enabling a novel model in preventive medicine. His primary interests reside in increasing the efficiency in modern healthcare systems and laboratory diagnostics.

Prevnos’ innovative advancements have made it possible to quickly process the full range of cytogenetic laboratory tests with only a fraction of the time, cost and complexity than current standards. With unprecedented simplicity, high efficacy, low costs (less than CMS reimbursement rates) and quick turn-around times (TATs), Prevnos is revolutionizing, simplifying, democratizing and standardizing the way genetic testing is conducted nationwide.

Mohammed is leading the passing of the first guidelines in our nation’s history to standardize the reflex models of cancer genetics testing and giving individuals access to preventive screening measures which may otherwise have not been affordable. Diagnostic testing should be simple, accessible and understandable for all. Prevention is the ultimate ‘cure’.


A D V I S O R Y   C O U N C I L


The advisory council consists of accomplished MDs, PhDs, and PharmDs, all with entrepreneurial business experiences, collectively as biotechnology scientists with advanced degrees/training from Yale, Harvard, MIT, Johns Hopkins, McGill, Rosalind Franklin, University of Maryland, Rutgers, University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey, Massachusetts General Hospital, Mayo Clinic, New York Eye and Ear Infirmary, Grant Medical College and Maharashtra University of Health Sciences, and Drexel-Hahnemann University. A total of 6 members (including the CEO) collectively possess 16 advanced degrees and 30+ fellowships, certifications, board-certified licenses and national awards all within the sciences. All council members have either previously worked for biotechnology startups with successful acquisitions or are presently engaged with startups and large cancer-focused biotechnology companies. All possess considerable oncology experience and understand the value of early detection, active surveillance, and targeted therapy via companion diagnostics that yield actionable information.

Each member brings solid technical, business and regulatory experience with respect to fluorescence in situ hybridization, circulating tumor cells, molecule delivery mechanisms, FISH assay design and development, pharmacogenetic feasibility, therapy resistance, pharmacokinetic profiling, pharmacovigilance, cancer disease stratification, clonal cell identification, bone marrow transplant viability, drug targeting and efficacy studies, FDA regulations and submissions, polymer science, microfluidic systems, sub-cellular localization, therapeutic selectivity, neurochemistry, toxicity protocols, CRO-maintenance and more. The advisory council brings a solid network of partnerships within the oncology space.

For more information, contact harris(at)prevnos(dot)com